Sir Alex Ferguson amesema Manchester United wanatakiwa kushinda Europa ligi kupata nafasi Ligi ya Mabingwa

Mshindi wa Europa league moja kwa moja anapata nafasi ya kucheza Champions League huku mapambano ya kuingia kwenye nafasi nne za juu yakiwa ni makali, Sir Alex Ferguson ameishauri Manchester United kuweka nguvu zake kwenye Europa league. Akiongea na ESPN amesema:

‘The thing is, we’ve never won the Europa League. We’ve never won the UEFA Cup, what it used to be. And we’ve got a great draw. I’m not saying it’s a certainty, but they’ve got a great chance.
‘It gets you into the Champions League, too – it didn’t used to but it does now, and so that’s a great incentive. And there’s no Sevilla in it, so that’s good.

If you win a trophy, it’s important. It’s a European trophy. It doesn’t matter that it’s not the Champions League – it’s still a European trophy. And if you win it, you get into the Champions League. The incentive is greater to do that.

‘And your CV gets bigger. If we won the Europa League? Fantastic. Add it to the European Cup, the Cup Winners’ Cup, the Champions League. It’s bigger and bigger. We also want to be the most successful club in England.’ Manchester United are drawn against Anderlecht in the next round of the competition.

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